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Dog Show
Twin Dogs
Get you dogs chip checked !        Available at the fete

The Dog Show has now been running alongside the Fete for a number of years and proves more and more popular each summer. A variety of different classes are open to all breeds, variety and character of dog to enter, so bring your much-loved pet down and join in the fun. The classes are professionally judged and rosettes are handed out to all the winners in every class. Come and show off your furry family pet and enjoy meeting other local dog owners.

And new for 2019 will be a Fun Antics section of the show where your dog can show off the extra special skills that make them unique!

This Years Classes

CLASS ONE: Best Pedigree Dog/Bitch
CLASS TWO: Best Cross Breed
CLASS THREE: Best Puppy (6 – 18 months)
CLASS FOUR: Best Veteran any variety (over 8 years)
CLASS FIVE: Best Rescue Dog
CLASS SIX: Dog most Like its Owner
CLASS SEVEN: Dog with the Most Appealing Eyes

Bring the form along on the day

Alaskan Malamutes

At the Fete we will have 2 Alaskan malamutes see picture showing them working in harness. They generally do long distance treks which will be anywhere between 8-20 miles at any one time. They also sometime compete in rally’s which are shorter distance normally around 3 miles but that is a timed race where as the treks are not timed as they are longer distance. Working season is generally October-March but they do travel to Scotland to try and get them out on the snow. Our dogs our regular seen by a canine chiropractor and do hydrotherapy to make sure they are in good condition and no under lying problems. 

Dog at Vet
First Aid for Dogs

We have dog first aid  which will be running three 15 minute sessions to give that vital information should your dog get poorly or injured.

Dog Grooming

We have a dog grooming demonstration happening throughout the afternoon. Listen out for announcements on the day

Canine Hairdresser
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